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Become a Facilitator at Synthesis

Classroom experience is great, but not required. We are seeking accomplished thinkers from every field, including engineering, the natural sciences, social sciences, and the arts. There are no hard and fast requirements, so if you are intellectually curious and dedicated to impacting the lives of students, we encourage you to apply.

We are currently hiring part-time facilitators (flexible scheduling, with a minimum of 3 hours per week) at $50/hour. We're not hiring full-time facilitators yet, but will be soon. The best way to get one of those jobs is to succeed as a part-time facilitator. Facilitators serve two important roles at Synthesis:

Part I: Run Synthesis Cohorts

The primary goal of a Synthesis facilitator is to foster an environment where kids learn naturally. This part of the role requires adaptability, humility, and warmth. It also requires an ability to step back and observe, encouraging learning and discussion through questions and observations rather than lectures.

Part II: Help Build the Machine

Our goal at Synthesis is to create unique learning experiences and make them accessible to everyone. That means we must constantly improve. Your contribution to this as a facilitator is to identify where we can improve the machine and advocate for the most impactful changes. This part of the role requires assertiveness, the ability to think in terms of the whole system, and creativity.

We are also hiring Teaching Assistants (flexible scheduling, with a minimum of 3 hours per week) for $25/hr. Most of our teaching assistants are college students or recent graduates, and successful teaching assistants will have the opportunity to train to become facilitators.

How to Apply

If the above sounds like the type of organization you want to be a part of, click on the link below to apply! The core of the application is a video where you will explain a) why you'd be a great facilitator, and b) what you think of the Japanese system of Kaizen, and how it could apply to your work at Synthesis?