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Weekly simulations that develop critical thinking, collaboration, and decision-making skills for kids ages 6 to 14.

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Six years ago, Elon Musk asked me to start an experimental school with him at SpaceX.

The goal was to develop students who are enthralled by complexity and solving for the unknown.

Synthesis is the most innovative learning experience from that school. It is designed to cultivate student voice, strategic thinking, and collaborative problem solving.

I believe Synthesis builds these skills like no other education experience.

Until recently, Synthesis was only available to a handful of SpaceX families. Today, our community is worldwide and growing quickly. Excited for you to be a part of it.

Josh Dahn
Co-founder, Synthesis

The skills to invent the future aren't taught in school

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Collaborate with New Friends

Every week, you’ll meet with your cohort over video. Your facilitator will break you off into groups and start the game. You and your team will then work together to figure out how to win.

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Embrace the Chaos

The games are fast, complex, and constantly changing. You and your teammates will need to get loud shouting out ideas, helping each other, and debating strategies.

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Test Your Assumptions

No adult will tell you the rules. You’ll need to experiment to make sense of the games. Try different tactics, test your ideas, and think of crazy new ways to win.

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Expect Course Corrections

At Synthesis, the kids who win make more mistakes faster than everyone else. It’s the only way to learn! You’ll need to leave “perfectionism” at the door.

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Reflect to Grow

You’ll take what you learn in the games and relate those lessons to your life. That way, you’ve made your insights meaningful, so it’s easier to remember and apply them later.

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No Speed Limit

As you get better at the games, you can move into cohorts with higher difficulty levels. You’ll never lack a challenge at Synthesis.

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