"The more we can gamify the
process of learning, the better. "
-Elon Musk
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Ages 8 to 14. 1-hour weekly classes.

Learn through team games and simulations

Synthesis is an enrichment club where students build decision making and complex problem solving skills through team games and simulations.

Created by the director of Elon's school

Elon Musk hired Synthesis cofounder Josh Dahn to build Ad Astra, an experimental school on the SpaceX campus. Through Synthesis, we aim to make the magic of Ad Astra available to everyone.

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What is Synthesis like? 

Watch this video with your kids before signing up for Synthesis. Our students explain it better than we ever could.

Be part of something big

We're building a community of kids who want to make a ding in the universe. Synthesis students form friendships with other smart and kind kids from all over the world.

What people are saying

“Hello my son Jake LOVES Synthesis! He is so excited about his classes and is all smiles after the lessons. It is wonderful to see how much he enjoys it. Today was the last day of his second session and he is already ready for the next one. Thanks so much for creating such an awesome program for these kids.”
“My daughter loves Synthesis School (and shoutout to her teacher who is absolutely amazing). I asked her what she is learning and her first answer was Leadership. And also collaboration and teamwork. I also see a lot of game theory, flexibility, pivoting, etc.”
“Peering in, we see our boy with this new and peculiar look on his face. I want to say it was like satisfaction but it was soooo much deeper than that. It was as though a new alchemy of emotions were being awakened in him. He was completely plugged into the immediacy of the experience and he was loving it!”
“My daughter is in synthesis now and loving it!!!!!We love what your doing and are so excited to be a part of it.Lucia said that "its the best class ever in the history of the world!"Synthesis very much plays to her natural strengths. She would much rather figure something out then be told and she loves challenges that make her think. Its so wonderful for her to connect with others in this way.”
“My son Christopher, 8, says he has made friends. This has not happened in any other online learning scenario for him.”
“When you lose in school, there is less of an analysis. You just go to the next thing. But at Synthesis, after every round you have time to analyze your choices and reflect to do better next time” — Otto, age 12